xmipp_ctf_correct_wiener3d (v3.0)


Wiener filtering of volumes The program combines a set of volumes, each one with its one CTF and produces a deconvolved Wiener volume


-i <metadataFile>
Metadata with the volumes, ctfs, number of images in that group The metadata labels are _image, _CTFModel, _class_count
--oroot <file>
Output rootname oroot+_deconvolved.vol contains the combination of all volumes oroot+_ctffiltered_group01.vol contains each volume obtained after filtering the deconvolved one With verbose==2: oroot+_wien01.txt contains the Wiener filters in Fourier
--minFreq <Ang=-1>
Apply Wiener filter only beyond this resolution (in Angstrom)
Use this if the maps were reconstructed from phase corrected images
--wienerConstant <K=0.05>
Wiener constant (to be multiplied by the total number of images)

Examples and notes

xmipp_ctf_correct_wiener3d -i ctf_correct3d.xmd --oroot volumeCorrected
In the following link you can find an example of input file:


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