Xmipp Workshop; Grenoble, 28 - November - 2013 (Registration Open)

  • Location: EMBL de Grenoble, 6, rue Jules Horowitz 38042 Grenoble cedex 09
  • Dates: November 28st and 29st. Starting at 12:30 am

Outline of the workshop

The Workshop covers the details of the Xmipp software package, that is used for reconstructing 3D maps from sets of individual particle images. The majority of the workshop consists of hands-on sessions designed to familiarize the attendees with the public-domain Xmipp software.

Signing up

Registration dealine: 31 Oct 2013

Attendance is free of charge but advance registration is required as space is limited. Please fill in this form.


The exercises will be completely done on the machines in the computer room with preinstalled software.


A participant list will appear here a week before the event

Name Institute Area of Interest
Irina Gutsche CNRS, UVHCI  
Hélene Malet EMBL, UVHCI  
Winnie Ling IBS  
Emmanuela Neumann IBS  
Qiyang Jiang EMBL  
Ofilia von Loeffellolz EMBL  
Francesca Coscia IBS  
Guy Schdehw IBS / UVHCI  
Munan Shaik IBS / CNRS  
Manikanden Karuppasamy EMBL  
Gregory Effantin UVHCI  
Christiane Schaffitzel EMBL  
Aurélien Deniand EMBL  
Mathias Botte EMBL  


The workshop starts on Thursday 28 November 2013. The agenda is as follows:

Thursday 28 November

11h50-12h00 Introduction (S. Jonic)

12h00-12h20 INSTRUCT Image Processing Center (I2PC) (C.O.S Sorzano)

12h20-12h30 Questions

12h30-12h50 Xmipp 3 architecture and main features (C.O.S Sorzano)

12h50-13h00 Questions

13h00-13h30 Image analysis using normal modes available in Xmipp 3 for analysing macromolecular flexibility (S. Jonic)

13h30-13h40 Questions

13h40-14h00 Break

14h00-17h30 Hands-on (C.O.S Sorzano/S. Jonic)

Friday 29 November

08h30-13h30 Hands-on (C.O.S Sorzano/S. Jonic)