xmipp_mpi_image_rotational_pca (v3.0)


Makes a rotational invariant representation of the image collection


-i <selfile>
Selfile with experimental images
--oroot <rootname>
Rootname for output
--eigenvectors <N=200>
Number of eigenvectors
--iterations <N=2>
Number of iterations
--max_shift_change <r=0>
Maximum change allowed in shift
--psi_step <ang=1>
Step in psi in degrees
--shift_step <r=1>
Step in shift in pixels
--maxImages <N=-1>
Maximum number of images
--thr <N=1>
Number of threads

Examples and notes

Typical use (4 nodes with 4 processors):
mpirun -np 4 `which xmipp_mpi_image_rotational_pca` -i images.stk --oroot images_eigen --thr 4

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