xmipp_image_rotational_spectra (v3.0)


Computes the rotational spectrum of a set of images. This program generates a Fourier-Bessel decomposition of each image listed in an image collection. For each one, it creates a vector with the armonic energy percentage as a function of the radius.

The rotational spectrum is computed around the point (x0,y0), by default the center of the image. The length of the rotational spectrum is defined by the lowest and highest harmonic. Each harmonic is calculated by the integration of the image over a ring defined by r1 and r2.

The rotational spectrum was defined in Crowther, R.A., and Amos, L.A. Harmonic analysis of electron microscopy images with rotational symmetry. J. Mol. Biol.: 60, 123-130 (1971).

See also
classify_kerdensom image_vectorize


-i <file>
Input image, selfile or stack
-o <metadata>
Output vector metadata
--r1 <lowRadius=15>
Lowest Integration radius (as a percentage of the total radius)
--r2 <highRadius=80>
Highest Integration radius (as a percentage of the total radius)
--x0 <xcenter=-1>
In physical units.
--y0 <ycenter=-1>
By default, the Xmipp origin
--low <lowerHarmonic=1>
Lower harmonic to compute
--high <higherHarmonic=15>
Higher harmonic to compute

Examples and notes

xmipp_image_rotational_spectra -i images.stk -o spectra.xmd

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