xmipp_mpi_image_sort (v3.0)


Sort a set of images by local similarity The program takes the first image of the input selfile as reference. Then, it looks for the image among the remaining ones that is most similar to it once they have been aligned. Now, the most similar image is aligned to the reference image (the first one) and is added to the list of sorted images. The second image acts now as the reference, and the most similar image among the remaining images is added to the list of sorted images. This process is repeated until no image is left.

Note that only the MPI version of this program exists


-i <selfile>
selfile of images
--oroot <rootname>
output rootname rootname.stk contains the list of aligned images. rootname.xmd contains the correspondence between aligned images and the original images as well as the correlation coefficient between the aligned image and its predecessor in the list of aligned images.

Examples and notes

mpirun -np 8 `which xmipp_mpi_image_sort` -i images.xmd --oroot sorted

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