Known bugs

Current version: 3.0

Version 3.0

Release date: Near Future

Version 2.3

Release date: 13-4-2009
  • 2.3-bug1: xmipp_micrograph_mark (only on some machines) crashes when one deletes a particles in tilt-pair mode
  • 2.3-bug2: xmipp_protocol_kerdensom does not take the last iteration from the ML2D run
  • 2.3-bug3: xmipp_protocol_preprocess_micrographs does not work properlly for downsample=1

Version 2.2

Release date: 8-10-2008
  • 2.2-bug1: The xmipp_show program has problems with painting lines (for example in drwaing a profile in an image or in drwaing rotational spectra.)

Version 2.0.2

Release date: 11-1-2008
  • 2.0.2-bug1: The xmipp_micrograph_mark program writes coordinate (.pos) files with "8bits" in the filename. This makes that the protocol_preprocess_particles.py does not find the correct .pos files

Version 2.0.1

Release date: 13-12-2007
  • 2.0.1-bug1: xmipp_mpi_angular_projection_matching does not yield proper classes with option -dont_modify_header. This seriously affects the option to correct the greyscale in xmipp_protocol_ml3d.py (fixed in v2.0.2)
  • 2.0.1-bug2: xmipp_ml_refine3d and xmipp_mpi_ml_refine3d commands without options call to mlf_refine3d and mpi_mlf_refine3d help routines. (fixed in v2.0.2)

Version 2.0

Release date: 29-11-2007
  • 2.0-bug1: xmipp_micrograph_mark does not work for tilt pairs (fixed in v2.0.1)
  • 2.0-bug2: xmipp_angular_projection_matching does not work without option -output_classes (fixed in v2.0.1)
  • 2.0-bug3: xmipp_protocol_multires.py the Analyse Results button does not work (fixed in v2.0.2)