Xmipp Workshop; Madrid, 11/18 - Dec - 2012 (Registration Closed)

Outline of the workshop

The Workshop covers the details of the Xmipp software package that is used for reconstructing 3D maps from a set of randomly oriented particle images. The majority of the workshop consists of hands-on sessions designed to familiarize the attendees with the public-domain Xmipp software.

Signing up

Deadline for registration: 4 December 2012

Attendance is free of charge but advance registration is required as space is limited. Registration in this workshop is closed. If you want to attend to another workshop, please, refer to the previous page.


Please, bring a laptop or alternatively pair up with another particpant who has a laptop. Wireless connection will come handy.

Although it is not compulsory participants are recommended to download the tutorial data and install the Xmipp software:

Already confirmed Participants

Name Institute Date
Jasminka Boskovic CNIO December, 11th
Roberto Melero CIB December, 11th
Eva maría torreira CIB December, 11th
Francisco Javier Chichón García CNB December, 11th
Guillermo Montoya CNIO December, 11th
Ignacio Arechaga Universidad Cantabria December, 11th
Oscar Llorca CIB December, 11th
Laura van Bezouwen University Groningen December, 11th
Linda Franken University Groningen December, 11th
Jaime Martinez Gago CNIO December, 11th
David Gil Carton CIC bioGUNE December, 11th
Melisa Lázaro CIC bioGUNE December, 11th
José María Carazo CNB December, 11th
Alejandro Peña Universidad Cantabria December, 11th
Armando Albert Inst. Química Física Rocasolano December, 11th
Jaime Martin-Benito Romero CNB December, 11th
Carmen San Martin CNB December, 11th
José M. Valpuesta CNB December, 11th
Name Institute Date
Martín Alcorlo Pagés CIB December, 18th
Marina Serna CNB December, 18th
Begoña Soto CNB December, 18th
Andrés López Perrote CIB December, 18th
Marta Ukleja CNB December, 18th
Hugo Muñoz Hernández CIB December, 18th
Raquel Castaño CIB December, 18th
Sara Alvira de Celis CNB December, 18th
Jorge Cuellar Pérez CNB December, 18th
Rocío Arranz Ávila CSIC December, 18th
Elías Herrero Galán CNB December, 18th
Srdja Drakulic CNB December, 18th
Hugo Yébenes Revuelto CSIC December, 18th
Daniel Luque CNB December, 18th
José Javier Conesa CNB December, 18th
María Ángeles Pérez Calvo CNB December, 18th
César Rodríguez Gallego CIB December, 18th
Jaime Manuel Alegrio Louro CIB December, 18th


Due to the huge amount of users attending this workshop, it will be teached in 2 groups. The first group starts on Tuesday 11 December 2012 10:00 and finishes around 18:00. The second one will start on Tuesday 18 December 2012 10:00 am and finishes around 18:00 as well.

The agenda for both days is as follows:

  • Introduction: (1 hour)
  • Guided Tutorial (3 hours)
  • Lunch (1 hour)
  • Work on your own sample or specialized tutorials : (3 hours)
  • Workshop Questionnaire (15 minutes)

Computer with guest IPs should configure the browser proxy with IP adress and port 3128 to access xmipp web site