xmipp_metadata_histogram (v3.0)


Calculate histogram from a metadata column(1D) or from a couple of columns(2D)

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-i <input_metadata>
input metadata
-o <text_file=/dev/stdout>
output text file with histogram, by default standard output
--col <label>
column to create the histogram
--range <m> <M>
range for the histogram, automatic calculated if not provided
--steps <N=100>
number of subdivisions
--col2 <label=>
if specified, a 2D histogram is calculated
--range2 <m> <M> ( requires --col2 )
range for second column in 2D histogram
--steps2 <N=100> ( requires --col2 )
number of subdivisions in second column
--percentil <p=50.>
Only for 1D histograms
--write_as_image <image_file> ( requires --col2 )
Only for 2D histograms

Examples and notes

Calculate the histogram of the column 'angleRot' from a metadata:
xmipp_metadata_histogram -i images.xmd --col angleRot -o hist.txt

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