xmipp_metadata_split (v3.0)


Split a metadata (randomly by default) in any number of equally sized output metadata. By default, only enabled entries in the input file will be written to the output files.


-i <inputSelfile>
Input MetaData File
-n <parts=2>
Number of output MetaDatas
--oroot <rootname=>
Rootname for output MetaDatas output will be rootname_.xmd
Do not generate random groups
Do not sort the outputs MetaData
Do not remove disabled images from MetaData
-l <label=image>
sort using a label, default image

Examples and notes

Splits input.sel in two parts:
  xmipp_metadata_split -i input.sel --oroot output_part
Splits input.sel in 4 output files without randomizing input metdata:
  xmipp_metadata_split -i input.sel -n 4 --dont_randomize
Splits input.sel in two parts with sel extension:
  xmipp_metadata_split -i input.sel --oroot output_part:sel

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