xmipp_reconstruct_art_pseudo (v3.0)


Generate 3D reconstructions from projections using ART on pseudoatoms. This program reconstructs based on irregular grids given by pseudo atomic structures. In case of regular grids, please refer to other programs as reconstruct_art or reconstruct_fourier. Optionally, a deformation file generated by Nodal Mode Alignment (NMA) can be passed with --nma parameter.

See also
volume_to_pseudoatoms nma_alignment


-i <md_file>
Metadata file with input projections
--oroot, -o <rootname>
Output rootname
--pseudo, -p <pseudofile>
Pseudo atomic structure (PDB format)
--sigma <s=-1>
Pseudoatom sigma. By default, from pseudo file
--sampling_rate, -s <Ts=1>
Pixel size (Angstrom)
-l <lambda=0.1>
Relaxation factor
-n <N=1>
Number of iterations
--nma <selfile=>
Selfile with NMA

Examples and notes

Reconstruct with NMA file and relaxation factor of 0.2:
xmipp_reconstruct_art_pseudo -i projections.xmd -o art_rec --nma nmafile.xmd -l 0.2

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