xmipp_reconstruct_fourier (v3.0)


Generate 3D reconstructions from projections using direct Fourier interpolation with arbitrary geometry. Kaisser-windows are used for interpolation in Fourier space.


-i <md_file>
Metadata file with input projections
-o <volume_file=rec_fourier.vol>
Filename for output volume
--sym <symfile=c1>
Enforce symmetry in projections
--padding <proj=2.0> <vol=2.0>
Padding used for projections and volume
--prepare_fsc <fscfile>
Filename root for FSC files
--max_resolution <p=0.5>
Max resolution (Nyquist=0.5)
Use weights stored in the image metadata
--thr <threads=1> <rows=1>
Number of concurrent threads and rows processed at time by a thread
--blob <radius=1.9> <order=0> <alpha=15>
Blob parameters radius in pixels, order of Bessel function in blob and parameter alpha

Examples and notes

For reconstruct enforcing i3 symmetry and using stored weights:
   xmipp_reconstruct_fourier  -i reconstruction.sel --sym i3 --weight

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