xmipp_reconstruct_wbp (v3.0)


Generate 3D reconstruction from projections using the Weighted BackProjection algorithm. This program allows you to generate 3D reconstructions from projections using the Weighted BackProjection algorithm with arbitrary geometry as described by Radermacher, M. (1992) Weighted back-projection methods. Electron Tomography, ed. by J. Frank, Plenum Press.

See also
angular_projection_matching angular_discrete_assign angular_continuous_assign


-i <input_selfile>
selection file with input images and Euler angles
-o <name=wbp.vol>
filename for output volume
--doc <docfile=>
Ignore headers and get angles from this docfile
--radius <int=-1>
Reconstruction radius. int=-1 means radius=dim/2 The volume will be zero outside this radius
--sym <sym=>
Enforce symmetry A symmetry file or point-group description. Valid point-group descriptions are: C1, Ci, Cs, Cn (from here on n must be an integer number with no more than 2 digits) Cnv, Cnh, Sn, Dn, Dnv, Dnh, T, Td, Th, O, Oh I, I1, I2, I3, I4, I5, Ih. For a full description of symmetries look at http://xmipp.cnb.csic.es/twiki/bin/view/Xmipp/Symmetry
--threshold <float=0.005>
Lower (relative) threshold for filter values This is to avoid divisions by zero and consequent enhancement of noise. The threshold is given as a relative value with respect to the total number of images. The absolute threshold will be calculated internally as the relative threshold multiplied by the total number of (symmetry generated) projections.
--filsam <float=5>
Angular sampling rate for geometry filter Instead of summing over all experimental images to calculate the arbitrary geometry filter, we bin all images in representative projection directions, which are sampled every filsam degrees.
Use each image instead of sampled representatives for filter If this option is given, all experimental images will be used in the summation to calculate the arbitrary geometry filter. For large datasets this may be considerably slower than the default option of using representative projection directions
Use weights stored in image headers or the input metadata

Examples and notes

xmipp_reconstruct_wbp -i images.sel -o reconstruction.vol

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