xmipp_tomo_detect_missing_wedge (v3.0)


Detect the orientation of the missing wedge in a tomogram. For doing so it fits a couple of planes along which there is a maximum variation between the energy of the Fourier transform on its left and on its right. The missing wedge is coded with four angles (two for each plane). You may also produce a mask with 1 where the missing wedge is, and 0 where the data has been actually measured. Finally, you can also produce a marked magnitude volume (i.e., the magnitude of the Fourier transform where the position of the two planes have been marked).


-i <file>
Input tomogram
--maxFreq <f=0.25>
Maximum frequency to fit the plane (normalized to 0.5)
--width <w=2>
Width of the probe plane
Save the magnitude of the FFT with marks showing the two planes
Save a mask for the FFT of this tomogram 1=Missing wedge, 0=non missing wedge

Examples and notes

xmipp_tomo_detect_missing_wedge -i tomogram.vol

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