xmipp_transform_add_noise (v3.0)


Add random noise to the input images. Noise can be generated using uniform, gaussian or t-student distributions.


-i, --input <input_file>
Input file: metadata, stack, volume or image.
--mode <mode=overwrite>
Metadata writing mode.
where <mode> can be:
  • overwrite Replace the content of the file with the Metadata
  • append Write the Metadata as a new block, removing the old one
--label <image_label=image>
Label to be used to read/write images.
-o, --output <output_file=>
Output file: metadata, stack, volume or image.
--oroot <root=>
Rootname of output individual images. Output image format can be set adding extension after rootname as ":ext".
--type <rand_mode>
Type of noise to add
where <rand_mode> can be:
  • gaussian <stddev> <avg=0.> Gaussian distribution parameters
  • student <df> <stddev> <avg=0.> t-student distribution parameters
  • uniform <min> <max> Uniform distribution parameters
--limit0 <float>
Crop noise histogram below this value
--limitF <float>
Crop noise histogram above this value

Examples and notes

Add noise to a single image, writing in different image:
xmipp_transform_add_noise -i cleanImage.spi --type gaussian 10 5 -o noisyGaussian.spi
Following cleanImage.spi at left and noisyGaussian.spi at right:
cleanImage.jpg noisyGaussian.jpg
Add uniform noise to a volume, overriding input volume:
xmipp_transform_add_noise -i g0ta.vol -uniform -0.1 0.1

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