xmipp_transform_adjust_volume_grey_levels (v3.0)


Search for a linear transformation of the gray values of a volume so that the error between the theoretically projected images and the experimental images is minimized. This program must be used before computing the Volumetric SSNR if the reconstruction algorithm scales the output volume differently.

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-i, --input <volume_file>
Volume to adjust its range.
-m, --metadata <metadata_file>
Set of projections of the volume.
-o, --output <volume_file=>
Output adjusted volume. By default, the input one.
Optimize the linear transformation. By default, keep the initially computed.
--probb_eval <p=0.2>
The goal function is evaluated each time from a random set of projections. Each image has a probability of p of being evaluated.

Examples and notes

Adjust a volume to a set of images:
xmipp_adjust_volume_grey_levels -i input_volume.vol -m experimental.sel -o output_volume.vol 

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