Useful Tricks and Scripts

This a list of commonly used scripts for processing of electron microscopy images. Please feel free to share your own.

Rafa's tricks

Sjors' tricksTBR

Roberto's tricks

Coss' tricks

Jaime's tricks

Josue Tricks

Carmen's scripts

  • If you have performed a projection matching after downsampling the micrographs by a certain factor, and now want to proceed with a different downsampling factor (eg to use a finer pixel size), you may find the next two shell scripts useful:
    • ScalePos - to write new .pos files according to the new downsampling (so you do not have to pick particles again)TBR
    • ScaleShifts - to reuse angles and shifts found in the previous projection matching runTBR

Alejandro's scripts

  • ReName: recursively rename micrographs and related files so they are prefixed with a number and postfixed with resolution.TBR